Café Communications

What was true yesterday is not valid today.
What was impossible last year is now essential.

There is only one way to be content with change: embrace it. Change is good. Permanence is easy to get used to. What you are used to is comfortable. But comfort never motivates. We like change. Change inspires. It inspired us to change with the market, with the business needs of our clients. This is why we founded and are leading the weCAN network. This way we have a wide access to the current trends, not only in Hungary, but the whole CEE region. With our partner agencies we cover 16 countries from Estonia to Bulgaria and from Slovenia to Russia. Sharing our experience and understanding the culture and insights of local consumers and the key players of the CEE markets.

At Café, there is no supplier and customer relationship, rather a partnership, where everyone knows, the most important thing is reaching a mutual goal: using the changing world to our advantage. To create insightful and outstanding communication solutions in an ever-changing environment.
Because change inspires.

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